Whitney Hansen, Board Chair of Farm Credit of Southern Colorado, delivered crucial insights at the 2023 Agricultural Symposium, held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City on May 23-24, 2023. The Symposium explored the changing dynamics of agricultural production, including driving factors, disruptions, and the role of investments and farm policy in the future.

2023 Agricultural SymposiumBringing critical representation from Southern and Eastern Colorado, Mrs. Hansen highlighted the local realities of agricultural trends, focusing on weather challenges, adoption of new technologies, and strategic decision-making to mitigate risks or leverage opportunities. As a participant in the Session 2 panel discussion on “Weather Disruptions and Growing Conditions,” Mrs. Hansen shared her experience as the Owner and Operator of J/W Farms and Ranch, offering a tangible connection between theory and practice.

2023 Agricultural SymposiumMrs. Hansen’s participation underscores Farm Credit of Southern Colorado’s commitment to supporting and advocating for the unique needs of farmers and ranchers in our region. It highlighted the importance of the Symposium as a platform to ensure that the voices and concerns of Southern and Eastern Colorado’s agricultural community are heard at the national level.

For more information on the symposium, or to learn more about Farm Credit of Southern Colorado’s advocacy and support for regional agriculture, please visit www.aglending.com.

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