The Importance of Farm Credit

Why our customers choose
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Why do farmers, ranchers, and rural Americans come to us to finance their sustainable future?

Hear from our customers why they choose Farm Credit every time. As an association, we believe in succeeding together. When you finance with us, your success is our top priority.

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“We have been with Farm Credit for the 20 years that I have been here. And I know that the family was with Farm Credit even before that.

Farm Credit honestly has helped us work through some pretty difficult situations where they stayed with us. They stuck with us. We’re met on a personal level, and I really like that.

It’s the workability. It’s always been good. You can talk. You don’t feel like you’re ever at fault. You get help when you need help.”

– Mike Shields, FCSC Board Member

“When you rely on banks just to help you live, it’s really easy for them to forget where you come from and what you’re doing. So having ag lending things like Farm Credit is really really important.

For our family in general, when we go through a drought or something like that and it’s just not there, we need as much help as we can get both personally and financially. So, having people understand no matter what you’re doing, is so important.”

– Riley Maranville, Maranville Farms

“We’re not going to move from Farm Credit of Southern Colorado because our relationships are important with Brandon and everyone else, they understand how we do things, and they’re very helpful.”

– Larry Feldhousen, F&DD Farms

“Farm Credit and our loan officer Chad have been very beneficial to our farm. They’ve partnered with us, helping us with our expansion, and they’ve been with us the entire time the last five years we have been expanding.”

– Tyler Mitchell, Mike Mitchell Farms

“[The scholarship] opened up doors to my future and it’s given me the opportunity to achieve the goals I have set for myself.”

– Jacob Wright, 2019 FCSC Scholarship Winner

“Well if you’re involved in agriculture, Farm Credit is unique in this regard. The loan officer you work with has a big background in agriculture. So they know when you go in there and talk to them—I’m looking at increasing my cow herd or I need this kind of machinery— they have a really good background in that. So they understand why you need it, and how you’re going to use it, and how it’s going to benefit you. And how the Farm Credit system can loan you the money to make you successful in what you do.”

– Gary Pautler, Pautler Brother Farms

“We have been working with Farm Credit since 1994, that was our first real estate loan with them. Since then, we’ve done a lot of business with them. We’ve started working with them on the operation in the last 10-12 years. They’ve been very good to work with, they understand the farming needs. When we need to expand, they’re ready to step forward and help us out.”

– Bill Brooks, Brooks Farms

“The reason I choose to do business with Farm Credit is because they understand agriculture, and when we come to the table, we’re on the same page as far as what our options are.”

– Clay Corzine, Moonlight Farms

“In the end, it was seamless. Working through the whole process was very easy. Through phone calls and emails, we had a couple of small hurdles to get over in the process, but even those went very smoothly. It’s been very positive in that standpoint, from the point we contacted Farm Credit through closing. It was pretty smooth.”

– Jennifer & Rick Bowman, Rural Home Loan Customers

“You’re our go-to guys when we are looking for financing some of these properties. Residential lenders have a difficult time wrapping their brain around how all that works- they don’t understand livestock or large acreage, the value between improvements and the ground. So we need you, absolutely, at Farm Credit.”

– Kem Winternitz, Realtor’s Land Institute

“The importance of having a lender like Farm Credit, like us, is that we know agriculture. So, we’re only focused on ag, on ranching and rural America. We’re not focused on other outside issues. We know it, we live it, and we’re here to lend to it”

– Jeremy Anderson, CEO, FCSC

“The whole thing about working with bankers is the relationships. They get to know us, we get to know them, what they can expect from us. It’s all about performance anyway, but it really works well when they get to know us and we’re almost like family…”

– Tom May, 4M Feeders

“You find other partners in business and you stick with them. They’ll take care of you and you can take care of them. We cannot go through this business alone. You have to develop loyalties… over the years we have developed some very strategic partners that I don’t think we could even be in business without. You’re not in this alone- it takes a whole bunch of people inside and outside your business to make it work.”

– Rick & Jed Ellithorpe, Aspen Potatoes

“So we went to Farm Credit and talked to them and we were able to get the financing from them. And we didn’t have a lot of backing… it was a big step for us… and they believed in us… gave us the support we needed at that time… that’s why we have what we have at this time. They gave us that help and I’ve always had a really good relationship with them and I appreciate all that they’ve done for us.”

– Chet & Justin Ansley, Winding River Ranch

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