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Crop-Hail Insurance

Hail damage can occur at any time, from early in the season right through harvest time. That is why it is so important to consider Crop-Hail insurance as an integral part of your risk management plan. Crop-Hail Protection insures your crops against hail damage on a per-acre basis. Don’t just protect against severe farm losses when crop-hail offers per-acre protection.

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Farm Credit of Southern Colorado knows there are many variable circumstances and conditions in every agricultural region across the US. This is why we offer a broad array of Crop-Hail insurance products to meet your particular needs.

The insurance products we provide range from basic, no deductible, crop-hail coverage to an array of deductible coverages. We even offer crop and peril specific coverages in select regions within the state of Colorado to help keep your business covered. Hail insurance is an absolute must in the agricultural farming industry, especially here.

Our Crop-Hail insurance programs cover some of the gaps left in your MPCI policy. While MPCI protects you against major crop losses on a unit basis, our crop-hail coverage offers you acre-by-acre protection at the level you choose up to the value of the crop.

Many Crop-Hail insurance policies for hail also offer coverage for perils not covered by your MPCI policy such as broader fire coverage and transportation coverage. Consider your risk of hail damage and ask yourself if you can absorb the financial loss from hail damage in Colorado that may not be covered by your current policy.

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