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Agricultural Equipment Loans

Getting the right equipment financing for your Colorado farm has never been more important.

AgDirect® was built from the ground up to finance ag equipment and operating systems. It’s all we do. So not only do we offer competitive financing rates, options and terms that are right for your needs, we’re powered by Farm Credit which understands your business and knows how important your Colorado Agricultural Equipment & Operating Loans are.

Ask for AgDirect. No matter how you want to buy farm equipment—at dealers, auctions or private party sales—AgDirect can finance it.

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Our equipment financing plans.

Whether you bought it at a dealer, or are buying it at an auction, our equipment financing has options for you.

Private Party

Max term of 5 years
Machinery and titled equipment only
Refund 70-80% of value or sales price


Standard: Buy or Refinance
Lease: Under $10K not available
Lease: Equipment may qualify for Just Lease It!


Purchased through an auction
Will refund 70-80% of sales price
Subject to credit decision

Ineligible transactions & equipment

  • Less than $5,000
  • Consumer-purpose financing
  • Sawmill equipment
  • Grain bins/dryers
  • Buildings
  • Hoop or pole barns
  • Stationary manure tankers
  • Robotic milking equipment
  • Wind energy systems
  • Cranberry freezers
  • Pickups, SUVs, cars, ATVs (send us a message for financing information)
  • Airplanes
  • Portable corrals
  • Horse trailers with living quarters
  • Riding lawn mowers
  • Push snow blowers
  • Drip tape irrigation

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