Customer Success Story: Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch

Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch was started by Ray and Debbie Thieman in 1999 as a small hobby ranch in the city of Limon.  Ray and Debbie initially purchased their first 29 buffalo in 1999 as a start, but over the years, they were able to quickly grow and develop a fully sustainable buffalo ranch with nearly 800 buffalo of various ages today. Since their beginnings, they have involved their daughter and son-in-law with the daily operational business endeavors, as well as all 12 grandchildren, achieving their ultimate goal of having a truly multi-generation buffalo ranch. The Thieman’s have successfully developed an outstanding bison breeding program that provides for consistent improvement in the herd through exclusive selection and purchasing of superior bulls. Not only is family one of Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch’s main mission but providing customers with the highest-quality of meat possible is their other priority.

Ray and Debbie Thieman have been a Farm Credit of Southern Colorado customer since 1999 when they leased a 12,000-acre ranch. They have since expanded their herd to 1500 buffalo while also expanding their family business to become a multi-generational ranch. This video shares some of their story and testimonial of Farm Credit of Southern Colorado so you can see, firsthand, what our cooperative is able to provide farmers to begin their dream farm off on the right foot.

“Here at Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch, the main emphasis on our ranch is to produce high quality buffalo meat with no artificial growth stimulants or antibiotics.”

Mary and the 10-70 (3).jpgIf you’ve never tried bison meat, we highly recommend it, especially from Prairie Ridge. Their meat is not only been processed through a USDA inspected plant, but they can also confidently label their product as the healthiest and best quality buffalo meat in the North American market. In addition, their Ranch also provides other activities like year-round tours, on-site cookouts, education, and even private events as well. Be sure to learn more about them on their website at https://www.prairieridgebuffalo.com/. You can also read more about our financial farm lending services at https://aglending.com/ too.

We love to hear personal family farm success stories like Ray’s and can’t wait to have other ag advocates sign up for loans and insurance to expand the beautiful farmland in our state of Colorado. Give us a call with any questions or inquiries.

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