Customer Owners,

As we welcome the coming Summer, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to each and every member for participating in the 2023 Board of Directors Election. Your engagement and your votes underscore the collaborative spirit of our organization, and reinforce the unique and impactful role you play in shaping our future. Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing the election results soon.

I’m also thrilled to share that Whitney Hansen, our esteemed Board Chair, took the stage at the recent 2023 Federal Reserve Board of Kansas City Agricultural Symposium. Whitney offered enlightening insights into the severe weather disruptions that are increasingly affecting agricultural production. She also spoke about strategies designed to mitigate both near-term and long-term risks, sharing from her vast experience being an Owner/Operator of J/W Farms and Ranch .

In our constant pursuit of excellence and innovation, please note that our offices will be closed from June 25th to 27th. During this period, our people will be participating in a company-wide training aimed at building our Team to serve you better.

Looking ahead to more exciting events, we are thrilled to invite you to the 156th Colorado Cattlemen’s Association Annual Convention taking place from June 19th-21st in Steamboat Springs, CO. Be sure to stop by our booth, where Farm Credit of Southern Colorado continues to serve our agricultural community. This convention offers an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and fortify the bonds that make our cooperative thrive.

Thank you once again for your involvement in shaping our collective journey. Your participation truly fuels the success of our cooperative.

I’m excited to share some uplifting news!

I’ve been recognized in the Circle of Excellence, a commendation reserved for individuals who’ve significantly aided their organizations’ growth and prosperity in 2022.

In a pleasant surprise, I find myself among this year’s Circle of Excellence recipients.

What’s really important to highlight here is our team’s exceptional performance in 2022. We had a record-setting year, fostered a positive culture, and even pioneered innovative approaches to better serve our customer-owners.

While this award carries my name, it’s truly a reflection of our collective hard work and dedication.

In addition, I’ve been elected to serve on the Farm Credit Foundations Board of Directors and Plan Sponsor Committee. The Farm Credit Foundations is chartered by the Farm Credit Association to deliver better benefits and Human Resources to over 10,000 employees in 41 States uniquely tailored to agricultural finance.

Please join me in acknowledging these shared achievements. It’s been a privilege to share this journey with you all.

Circle of Excellence Award

Farm Credit of Southern Colorado CEO
Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson FCSC CEO

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