When it comes to Farm Credit of Southern Colorado’s dedication to our local community, children are on the top of that priority list. We know everyone goes through tough times in their lives, so if there’s anything we can ever do to support our ag community members and their families, we’ll do it, especially if children are involved. That’s why we created Cathy’s Class. Through employee and director contributions, we are doing our part to help supply children with coats, clothing, school supplies, and other necessities throughout our local rural communities in Colorado. In honor of Keith and Cathy Houin, we are proud to match every donation made to Cathy’s Class to duplicate the number of donations our kids get.

FCSC Cathy's Class

As a former Teacher, Cathy Houin, founder of Cathy’s Class, is passionate that all children receive the same opportunities. Through Cathy’s Class donations, we can bring more field trips to students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to go.

“The importance of school supplies is often overlooked. When students have the supplies they need, they can focus on learning instead of feeling left out. Cathy’s Class provides these essential items to students in need.” – Cathy Houin

In honor of Keith Houin and his nearly 40 years of Farm Credit service and his wife Cathy Houin and her commitment as a teacher, we are providing opportunities to give back to our local communities. Through Cathy’s Class, we are providing opportunities for students throughout our communities who may not be able to help themselves due to their financial situation. These students often don’t have the means to pay for field trips, clothing, and necessities or snacks during the school day.

If you’re interested in donating, below are some of the items we are helping to bring to local children in need through Cathy’s Class:

  • Field TripsFIRST: Fun, Integrity, Respect, Service, Trust
  • School Supplies
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Food
  • Books
  • Funds

Through Cathy’s Class and your donations, we can support children right here in our local communities. Anything you donate, FCSC will match, so let’s recalibrate our rural family together.

Together, as a team, we can provide for these needs and improve the lives of children, right here in our Southern Colorado community. Contact our cooperative today to donate or learn more about how you can get involved with this non-profit movement.


Thank you to everyone who has donated in the past or has supported our local kids in other ways.

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