FIRST: Fun, Integrity, Respect, Service, TrustWe’re sure you’ve seen our values published in many locations over the past several months, but what do they really mean? Let us explain our FIRST Values at Farm Credit of Southern Colorado and define each letter so YOU, our customer owners and organization members, fully understand the meaning of FIRST.


The word FIRST not only immediately illustrates that we put YOU FIRST, but it also breaks down into five specific team values we encourage everyone to live by daily. To begin, here’s what each of those letters stand for:






Now, to expand on each further so you can truly see the purpose of our company motto, below provides a deeper understanding of why we chose these words in combination to create our Organization’s Values:


FUN: “Be Enthusiastic. Enjoy what you do. Aspire for Work/Life harmony. Celebrate Victories.”

A fun workplace is a relaxed, supportive work environment with exciting internal events and notations that help improve morale by reminding employees of their value to their managers, coworkers, and the organization.

INTEGRITY: “Build People Up. Do Right by People. Lead By Example. Be Part of the Solution.”

Maintaining appropriate ethical behavior and firmly adhering to moral and ethical principles or values within the workplace. These include honesty, honor, dependability, and trustworthiness, to name a few.

RESPECT: “Treat others with professionalism and kindness. Value others’ roles and perspectives. Express gratitude for others.”

Being valued and treated respectfully helps promote a positive work culture in which employees are fulfilled, loyal, engaged, and motivated to perform at their best.

SERVICE: “Strive for excellence. Take pride and ownership in all you do. Be dependable and reliable. Be passionate about serving others.”

This is providing for customers and coworkers, including specialized knowledge about a particular skill or industry and their work, allows company owners to focus on core business functions. Serving others with your expertise and ideas ultimately helps businesses become successful.

TRUST: “Be transparent and communicate often. Presume Positive Intent. Engage others in open, honest dialogue and feedback. Empower others.”

This refers to psychological safety, mutual respect, and open communication between employees and management. Building trust improves problem-solving and comfort in the workplace as interpersonal challenges and conflict naturally arise.


At Farm Credit of Southern Colorado, your trusted ag financial partner lives by these values and conducts business with each term in mind. We are passionate about our culture and values and believe in a well-structured, healthy, sufficient, and happy work environment that exudes outward to our customers and community. A positive and supportive mindset is vital to success, both through business and relationships. Our customers come FIRST, our employees come FIRST, and our values come FIRST.

For more information about our Values, Team, or Services, call or contact us today. We’re here to help you with all your farming financing and insurance needs, so reach out now to see what it means to be FIRST.

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