The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we think about food and its origins. As the global supply chain has crumbled under the weight of that unprecedented crisis, Southern Colorado farmers have been at the forefront of progress toward greater resilience and sustainability, so now more than ever, there is a renewed focus on supporting local farmers and strengthening local supply chains to ensure a stable and secure food system for all. Agriculture Food Supply Chain Management

At Farm Credit of Southern Colorado, we understand local farms’ critical role in building resilient communities. As a trusted farming community finance partner, we support supply chain efforts to strengthen the community’s resilience and promote local food systems. Our local Colorado farmers are vital to feeding us, so we must show undeniable support to keep that process going.

The 2020 pandemic highlighted the importance of reducing supply chains and reducing dependence on peripheral food sources. By supporting local Colorado farmers, consumers can enjoy fresh, healthy produce while reducing the emissions associated with transportation and distribution.

Farm Credit of Southern Colorado provides the financing solutions local farms need, enabling them to expand their operations, improve their infrastructure, and meet the growing demand for locally sourced produce we all now have.

Additionally, regional supply chain investments could allow Colorado farms to capture higher prices and continue a sustainable operation. By engaging directly with consumers through farmers’ markets, community-supported agricultural programs (CSA) programs, and online platforms, our farmers can set higher prices and build strong relationships with their customers for an all-around benefit.

FCSC provides financial support and insurance to help farmers take advantage of these opportunities to create a sustainable future. Sustainable FarmingWhen Southern Colorado farmers embrace supply chain resilience, they protect their livelihoods and contribute to the resilience and prosperity of their local communities. With our support, we can build a resilient, strong, and equitable food system for future generations. Our future should be at the forefront of all farming strategies, so let us help you reach the end goal you’ve always dreamed of.

Find out how Farm Credit of Southern Colorado can help strengthen your own farm’s supply chain resilience. Let’s work together to build stronger relationships and a brighter future for the world of agriculture. Call our team today!

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