Farm Credit of Southern Colorado offers diverse leasing options for virtually all equipment and machinery used in agriculture, including tractors, combines, farm implements, facilities, dairy equipment, grain bins, above-ground irrigation systems, trucks, processing and packaging equipment and material handling equipment.

  • Lease terms of 2–7 years
  • Fixed payment on monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual schedules
  • Options at the end of the lease to return the equipment, renew the lease or purchase the equipment; fixed termination options are based on the original purchase price

Reasons to Lease

Pay Nothing Down – Typically, down payments aren’t necessary.  Just the first payment is due at lease commencement.  Often, leasing can provide 100% financing.

Maximize Tax Benefits – Lease payments may be fully tax deductible under a True Lease, lowering taxable income and providing for the faster expensing of equipment compared to traditional depreciation.  A Conditional Sale lease allows the lessee to take advantage of deductions available as tax owner of the equipment.

Control Cash Flow – Fixed rates and flexible payment schedule allow matching of payments to cash flow and the profits generated by the leased equipment.

Preserve Capital – By leasing, preserve cash, working capital and other credit lines for expansions and day to day expenses.

Standardize Replacement Cycle – A planned replacement cycle ensures access to reliable, low maintenance equipment at all times.

Retain Future Flexibility – When the lease ends, the lessee can purchase and continue using the equipment or return it and get a newer model.

Estate Planning Power – Use leasing as a simple way to transition equipment to the next generation at the end of the lease term.