Member Control

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Farm Credit Board of Directors

The core of Farm Credit of Southern Colorado (FCSC) is our customers. Through the cooperative model, Farm Credit of Southern Colorado is owned by the farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses and others in rural America who do business with us. This ensures that customer needs always come first. As a cooperative and through this structure, eligible farmers and ranchers are allowed to come together and be united in a system to assure the local area will have access to a reliable source of credit. The local producers don’t have to worry about whether or not an outside interest will come in and restructure, change the focus of financing, or remove their source of credit altogether. That local control is what makes Farm Credit of Southern Colorado unique and able to continue to provide innovative financial solutions to a diverse rural America, one relationship at a time.

“Because we are a cooperative, we have an elected board of directors to represent the stockholders. The board deals with the business that comes before the Association,” said Gary Pautler, FCSC Board Chairman. “I think it is very important for the different branches to be represented by board members. They are better equipped to deal with the problems associated with that area.”

This local control is developed and organized at the annual meeting of stockholders. Open director positions and the nominating committee for the following year will be elected. However, prior to this day, the current year nominating committee will have spent numerous hours searching, contacting, discussing, and finally, recommending to the Association membership candidates for each open position from whom directors may be elected for a three-year-term.

“I think the process itself, in allowing for representation of our owners with the board, is a very important process,” said Jeremy Anderson, FCSC President and CEO. “We need to have good strong leadership, so those that are able to vote, the stockholders, need to vote. They need to have their voice heard and need to elect folks that they know will serve us well in providing overall leadership and governance of our organization.”

Getting Involved in the Election Process

How can you as a member become involved in this process? One of the most important ways to make sure your voice is heard is to speak up and vote. Voting is an important and fundamental way to have an influence on your association. Your board of directors has made it as easy as possible for you to be a part of that process by having mail-in ballots, which allows you as a voting stockholder to cast a vote from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. You will also receive by mail, among other items, the Annual Meeting Information Statement, which includes information on the director candidates who have been identified prior to the annual meeting.

There are several other ways to be involved. First, you can contact the Nominating Committee at the email address provided below to let them know that you want to be considered as a nominee for next year’s Nominating Committee to help select the 2019 director candidates. Second, you can suggest to the Nominating Committee names of potential director candidates for this year’s director elections. Third, you can let the Nominating Committee know you are interested in being a director candidate yourself. If you have any suggestions on potential director candidates, then please contact this year’s Nominating Committee at [email protected] no later than April 20, 2018. Floor nominations on director candidates may also be made at this year’s annual meeting.

You are at the core of Farm Credit of Southern Colorado. You have the opportunity to come together with your peers and assure local control of your association. You can have an impact on the financing of the agricultural industry in southern Colorado. Will you make your voice heard? Will you get involved in the process? Your neighbors and fellow stockholders hope your answer is yes.